Agile Consulting

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Agile coaching

Agile Coaching

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DevOps Coaching

DevOps Coaching

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Developer Coaching

Developer Coaching

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Agile Coaching

Our principal consultant has a demonstrable track record of helping organisations get tangible benefits and results through Agile adoption.

delivery speed

Have doubled team velocity in Scrum teams by reducing WIP, utilisation, batch size, and queue length.

Respond to change

Increased agility of the organisation in a fast changing and unpredictable environments with frequent changing priorities.

Team accountability

Increased accountability on all levels by increasing transparency and establishing and environment of trust.

Staff engagement

Increased employee motivation by promoting autonomy, mastery, and purpose and protecting team self-organisation.

Increased quality

Higher quality software and technical excellence resulting in fewer defects, increased maintainability, and reduced cost of change.

Customer delight

Focusing on value, design thinking, and taking the customer through journey results in happier and more delighted customers.

DevOps Coaching

It doesn't matter how fast your team can deliver software if you can't release them to production fast enough or if defects found in production have to go through ticket submission and long wait time until the team gets to work on them.

We provide DevOps coaching and consultation to improve:

  • Software delivery speed to production
  • Defect resolution time and

We help organisations implement:

  • Continuous delivery and continuous integration (CI/CD) pipelines
  • Test automation
  • Loggin solutions
  • Monitoring solutions
  • Infrastructure as code (IaC)

DevOps Consulting

Developer Coaching

Implementation of software engineering best practices is quite important for organisations as it is a key factor in reducing the cost of change and it removes organisation dependency on hero programmers.

we provide software engineering coaching and consulting services and have a track record of:

  • Reducing technical debt
  • Improving code quality so that code can be refactored and changed easier in future
  • Increasing code readability so any new developer can hit the ground running

Our principal consultant has years of experience in:

  • Software Craftsmanship
  • Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Unit Testing
  • Pair Programming
  • eXtreme Programming (XP)

eXtreme Programming Coaching

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