Our Team

We are a team of seasoned consultants with Bringing in experience from various industries, sectors and countries. We specialise in various aspects of Agile, Lean, DevOps, Delivery, Project Management, Program Management, and Systems engineering

Arash ArabiFounder & Principal Consultant

Arash Arabi

Founder & Principal Consultant

Arash is a well-recognised Agile Coach and an international speaker. Arash has helped numerous high profile organisations achieve remarkable results. He is an evangelist of systems thinking, culture focused leadership, and empiricism. Arash’s mission is to help organisations move from opinion-based decision making to evidence-based decision making.

Arash is an extraordinary trainer and facilitator known for running exceptionally engaging and inspirational workshops full of learning. He still codes and is highly skilled in numerous programming languages, DevOps practices, and various technologies.

John FarrowPrincipal Consultant

John Farrow

Principal Consultant

John has been working for the last 25 years as a senior projects manager on major ICT and business initiatives / re-alignments, in the financial services, insurance, logistic / warehousing, manufacturing, ICT, local government, Telco and payments sectors (UK and AUS).
With strong business acumen, has successfully completed business strategy development, review & re-alignment for smaller ITC based organisations and performed in an M&A role for major corporations.
Now effectively utilising agile and lean techniques to transform both business and technology areas within clients. He additionally trains educates and mentors in this critical area of future business and IT process and team development.

Lisa ImbertExecutive Coach

Lisa Imbert

Executive Coach

Lisa is an Executive Coach, Therapist, and a Health Coach. She brings in many years of experience from international corporates and tech giants including IBM.

Lisa is passionate about the process of personal and business change. Her mission is to help managers and sales execs to use emotional intelligence to deliver exceptional results.

Oksana MeiseleExecutive Coach

Oksana Meisele

Executive Coach

Oksana is Human Resources Manager, lecturer, and a licenced Organizational Psychologist. Oksana is also a certified Crisis Consultant, she also holds an Existential psychotherapist certificate.

She is passionate about learning various cultures, cooking, and travelling. She is a happy wife and mother of
two children.

Sandra ThompsonExecutive Coach

Sandra Thompson

Executive Coach

Sandra is a published educator, consultant, and keynote speaker. She is also a lecturer at Pearson Business School teaching a variety of Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses.

Sandra is a specialist in bringing insight from neuroscience, behavioural science, and psychology to help organisations develop better customer experiences and improve their competencies in the fields of people management, leadership and emotional intelligence. Sandra’s high profile clients include Waitrose, Arsenal Football Club, Aldermore Bank, Network Rail and Vodafone.