Emotional Intelligence Coaching Workshop for Engineers

Emotional Intelligence Coaching Workshop for Engineers

Build your EQ to match your IQ
The best interactive workshop you’ll do this year as an engineer.

Why would I (as a developer) need to improve my emotional intelligence?

In everything we do, our software is ultimately used by other people – and they use it because it adds value to their work and their lives. Once we see this truth, we start to realise that the most important part of software development is “People over Process” – one of the
core tenets of the Agile Methodology. The best way to work with people is to understand and empathise with them. How do we do that? By first understanding ourselves. These are the core tenets of emotional intelligence.

Why would I (as a developer) invest in an emotional intelligence course?

Technical skills can only take you so far in your personal and professional development. A higher EQ will propel you towards promotion and higher earnings far more effectively. According to Daniel Goleman, the prominent author and researcher, two-thirds of job performance delta between low and high performers is due to emotional intelligence. In leadership positions, this grows to 80%.

Sadly, other developers are spending their time (and money!) only investing in technical skills. Dare to be different and avoid these common pitfalls! If you can become the developer that adds value to the business through human connection, empathy and influence you will
be the developer who gets promoted first. Be the developer who uses emotional intelligence to optimise your current technical skills.

Why should I choose you instead of your competitors or just reading an EQ book?

We personalise our content and workshops to meet your individual needs. We do this by providing a fully interactive learning experience. Our EQ Psychometric Test ® gives you the perfect start. We will inform you of your current emotional intelligence score across four EQ pillars. Our expert facilitators will then take the time to answer your specific questions and provide you with a step-by-step approach to boosting your emotional intelligence. After leaving the workshop, you will have a clear road map for development.

Who will benefit?

Ambitious Developers who want to have success in their career and avoid the stagnation of those who can’t focus beyond their technical skills.
Technical Leaders who serve as workplace role models, but want to have a larger impact on their team and become an inspiring leader of people. They strive to understand their own strengths and opportunities for growth – and how to discover and manage them in
Experts who want to express their ideas better. We are all an expert in something and we owe it to ourselves and others to share in a way that makes sense and has impact on decision making.
People Like You, who want to understand humans; both yourself and others. We
assume you’re a human if you’re applying to this course, but if not, then we are an equal
opportunities trainer… *beep boop*.

What is the content and how will your course improve my emotional intelligence?

During this two-day course, attendees will learn how to understand themselves and other people better. By focusing on the Four Pillars of Emotional Intelligence, you will gain and put into practice real-world skills including self-awareness, empathy, understanding and
influencing others.

Learning objectives:

Understanding the Four Pillars of Emotional Intelligence and how they relate to improved personal performance and daily relationships in the workplace.
Recognising personal EQ strengths, weaknesses and the most effective way to improve.
Improved understanding of others; irrespective of their relationship to us (client, boss, peer, etc).
Real life skills used to effectively lead, communicate with and influence others.
Understanding other people’s motivations and emotions and the dynamics at play in multi-people situations
How to create change in others and align teams or clients with your perspective.

Advanced One-On-One Emotional Intelligence Coaching:

If you are looking for an in dept program to take your emotional intelligence to the next level please check out our leadership coaching program. This is a 12 week (or 24 week) transformation program with daily hands on exercises developed by Daniel Goleman himself.

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