Agile is an empirical approach:
We help you move from opinion-based decision making to evidence-based decision making.

Agile Consulting

Our principal consultant has a demonstrable track record of helping organisations get tangible benefits and results through Agile adoption.

delivery speed

Doubled team velocity in Scrum teams by reducing WIP, utilisation, batch size, and queue length.

Respond to change

Increased agility of the organisation in a fast changing and unpredictable environments with frequent changing priorities.

Team accountability

Increased accountability on all levels by increasing transparency and establishing an environment of trust.

Staff engagement

Increased employee motivation by promoting autonomy, mastery, and purpose and protecting team self-organisation.

Increased quality

Higher quality software and technical excellence resulting in fewer defects, increased maintainability, and reduced cost of change.

Customer delight

Focusing on value, design thinking, and taking the customer through journey results in happier and more delighted customers.


SAFe Agilist Certificate

Leading SAFe® (SAFe® Agilist)

Applying a Lean-Agile mindset with SAFe
with SAFe® 4 Agilist Certification
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SAFe Scrum Master Certificate

SAFe® Scrum Master

Applying the Scrum Master role within a Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) enterprise
with SAFe® 4 Scrum Master Certification
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SAFe DevOps Certificate

SAFe® DevOps

Improving Time-to-Market with the Scaled Agile Framework®
With SAFe®4 DevOps Practitioner Certification
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SAFe POPM Certificate


Delivering value through effective Program Increment execution
With SAFe® 4 Product Owner/Product Manager Certification
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Our Team

  • Testimonial

    Arash Arabi

    Founder & Principal Consultant

    About Arash Arabi

    Arash is a SAFe Program Consultant, Certified LeSS Practitioner, and a Certified Scrum Professional (ScrumMaster and Product Owner). Arash has been helping organisations achieve their full potential by coaching them through the Agile adoption process and helping them tailor Agile practices to their context. His approach not only focuses on Agile mindset and culture but also includes coaching the team through the adoption of DevOps and technical/programming best practices.

    Arash is a very active member of the community and has presented in numerous Agile and technical conferences.

  • Testimonial

    John Farrow

    Principal Consultant

    About John Farrow

    John has been working for the last 25 years as a senior projects manager on major ICT and business initiatives / re-alignments, in the financial services, insurance, logistic / warehousing, manufacturing, ICT, local government, Telco and payments sectors (UK and AUS).
    With strong business acumen, has successfully completed business strategy development, review & re-alignment for smaller ITC based organisations and performed in an M&A role for major corporations.
    Now effectively utilising agile and lean techniques to transform both business and technology areas within clients. He additionally trains educates and mentors in this critical area of future business and IT process and team development.

  • Testimonial

    Brett Fuller

    Principal Consultant

    About Brett Fuller

    Brett is a SAFe expert, PMI Project Management Professional, seasoned Program Manager and Release Train Engineer. Brett is passionate about using his experiences to help organisations transform and deliver projects to drive business value. Coupled with his IT Management experience across industries, his collaborative style enables happy teams who sustainably achieve results.

    Brett is an exceptional facilitator delivering exceptional PI planning and big room events with hundreds of participants. A person who can get things done and protect the team in complex and political organisations.


  • Testimonial

    His teachings have been invaluable for my career progression

    Shruti Saddi, Portfolio Consultant (Tech Agility) at National Australia Bank

    It has been a pleasure to have met Arash at a conference which was organized by my current workplace. During my initial conversation with him, I raised a problem which I was having at work, and he was able to provide three possible solutions to tackle it. I was so impressed that I enrolled in the SAFE Scrum Master and DevOps courses which he had on offer, and his teachings have been invaluable for my career progression. I would highly recommend him for his strong technical skillsets within the IT industry as well as his humble coaching methods. Keep up the good work Arash!

  • Testimonial

    We tried our best to grill Arash with tough questions but he came up with flying colours

    Moneeb Khalid, Senior Project Manager at Telstra

    I have had the pleasure of attending a Scaled Agile Training course along with a few Telstra colleagues, facilitated by Arash. Arash not only delivered the training content in a very confident and engaging way but most importantly backed up the concepts with personal experiences and industry best practices. Most of the attendees in the class were seasoned project managers with years of project delivery experience using Agile and Waterfall methodologies. We tried our best to grill Arash with tough and challenging questions based on real project scenarios but Arash came up with flying colours and handled the questions very well. I would high recommend Arash to anyone looking to do Scaled Agile Training courses.

  • Testimonial


    Reena Varghese, Business Analyst at National Australia Bank

    Thanks Arash! You did an incredible job in keeping us engaged two whole days. Kudos! We did enjoy the course and hope this paves the way to more agility!

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