SAFe Scrum Master (SSM)

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    Shruti Saddi
  • Testimonial

    His teachings have been invaluable for my career progression

    Shruti Saddi, Portfolio Consultant (Tech Agility) at National Australia Bank

    It has been a pleasure to have met Arash at a conference which was organized by my current workplace. During my initial conversation with him, I raised a problem which I was having at work, and he was able to provide three possible solutions to tackle it. I was so impressed that I enrolled in the SAFE Scrum Master and DevOps courses which he had on offer, and his teachings have been invaluable for my career progression. I would highly recommend him for his strong technical skillsets within the IT industry as well as his humble coaching methods. Keep up the good work Arash!

  • Moneeb Khalid
  • Testimonial

    We tried our best to grill Arash with tough questions but he came up with flying colours

    Moneeb Khalid, Senior Project Manager at Telstra

    I have had the pleasure of attending a Scaled Agile Training course along with a few Telstra colleagues, facilitated by Arash. Arash not only delivered the training content in a very confident and engaging way but most importantly backed up the concepts with personal experiences and industry best practices. Most of the attendees in the class were seasoned project managers with years of project delivery experience using Agile and Waterfall methodologies. We tried our best to grill Arash with tough and challenging questions based on real project scenarios but Arash came up with flying colours and handled the questions very well. I would high recommend Arash to anyone looking to do Scaled Agile Training courses.

  • Reena Varghese
  • Testimonial

    Kudos! Would definitely recommend this course

    Reena Varghese, Business Analyst at National Australia Bank

    Thanks Arash! You did an incredible job in keeping us engaged for two whole days. Kudos! Your passion, creative coaching methods, excellent group engagement skills complemented by your sound knowledge is truly commendable. Witnessed you answer challenging questions from the crowd with confidence and expertise, yet in humility 😊. We did enjoy the course and hope this paves the way to more agility! Would definitely recommend this course and looking forward to joining the other courses!

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What is the SAFe Scrum Master Certificate?

Are you curious about how to coach Agile teams to deliver maximum business value at scale? The SAFe® Scrum Master course covers the tactical skills to be an effective Scrum Master in a SAFe organization. And gives you the guidance and tools you need to work effectively in remote environments with distributed teams.

In this two-day course, attendees will gain an understanding of the role of a Scrum Master in a SAFe enterprise. Unlike traditional Scrum Master training that focuses on the fundamentals of team-level Scrum, the SAFe Scrum Master course explores the role of the Scrum Master in the context of the entire enterprise, and prepares attendees to successfully plan and execute the Planning Increment (PI), the primary enabler of alignment throughout all levels of a SAFe organisation. This includes learning the key components of Agile at scale development, how Scrum is facilitated throughout the enterprise, and how to execute Iteration Planning.

Attendees discover how to build high performing Agile teams by becoming a servant leader and coach, and how to coach those teams to deliver the maximum business value at scale. SAFe 5 Scrum Master (SSM) certification signifies that people are prepared to perform the role of Scrum Master in a SAFe environment, increasing their value to teams and organizations that are implementing SAFe.

There are various Scrum Master certifications available in the market today. Some of these certificates include Certified ScrumMaster (CSM), Professional ScrumMaster (PSM), and Registered ScrumMaster (RSM). The SAFe Scrum Master Course (SSM) is primarily focused on Scrum in large enterprises and particularly in organisations that adopt the Scaled Agile Framework.

Why you should get a SAFe Scrum Master Certificate?

In this course you will learn:

  • Build high performing Agile teams through servant leadership and coaching
  • Describe Scrum in a SAFe enterprise
  • Facilitate Scrum events
  • Facilitate effective Iteration execution
  • Support effective Planning Increment execution
  • Support relentless improvement
  • Coach Agile teams for maximum business results
  • Support DevOps implementation

Who is the SAFe Scrum Master training for?

  • New Scrum Masters who need to perform the role
  • Existing Scrum Masters who would like to understand their role in the context of a SAFe enterprise
  • Team Leads who want to understand the Scrum Master role
  • SAFe Release Train Engineers who want to coach Scrum Masters on their role
  • Business analysts
  • PMO professionals, project support officers, and project professionals in general
  • Delivery managers, Delivery leads, and Iteration managers
  • Test managers, release managers, team leads
  • Agile coaches and consultants
  • Any IT professional who wants to upskill to be able to step into the Scrum Master or Iteration Manager role

How SSM is different to Professional Scrum Master (PSM) and Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) training

There are various accreditation organisations in the Agile Scrum training space. Certified ScrumMaster or CSM is accredited by Scrum Alliance and Professional Scrum Master or PSM is accredited by SAFe Scrum Master or SSM is accredited by Scaled Agile Framework. All Scrum master certifications include basics of Scrum training and how to be successful as a Scrum Master in an agile team. The SAFe Scrum Master training (SSM) also includes material on the Scaled Agile framework and how to run Scrum in a SAFe enterprise where many Scrum teams need to collaborate to build large scale products or solutions. The SAFe Scrum Master Certification will help you learn both Scrum and the Scaled Agile Framework at the same time.

Why SAFe agile Scrum certificates are among the best certificates to ensure you remain competitive in the job market?

With over a million practitioners trained in SAFe and over twenty thousand enterprises adopting the framework, SAFe is on its way for becoming the de facto operating model for most enterprises globally. SAFe Agile training complements your experience with globally recognised industry certificates. Apart form the learning objectives covered in the course curriculum you will have the opportunity to network with professionals from other large companies and learn how they solve similar challenges that you may also have.

SAFe is by far the most popular Enterprise Agile Framework. Having SAFe certification will increase your chances of success in the competitive job market. Whether you are seeking business analyst jobs, project management jobs, delivery lead positions, test manager positions, or any other agile related positions in large organisations, a SAFe certificate will give you added value.

Why should you get an agile scrum training with Sprint Agile?

  • Sprint Agile is the highest rated provider of SAFe certification in Australia according to the official Scaled Agile ranking.
  • Sprint Agile is the only Goleman EI Associate Agile training organisation in Australia, providing a unique approach to coaching leaders based on Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence framework.
  • We offer competitive pricing for the SAFe certification cost.
  • We provide highly interactive and action packed agile training and SAFe certification online.
  • As a member of the International Coaching Federation we adhere to ICF code of ethics and professional standards.
  • Sprint Agile is the highest ranked Scaled Agile partner in Australia.
  • Sprint Agile public SAFe courses have a high run rate.
  • Our public training classes have a decent size and provide a great learning experience for the attendees.

Apart form the key points above, All attendees to Sprint Agile courses will get a complimentary copy of the best-selling book The Wise Enterprise: Reshape your organisation for the age of uncertainty.

More info about the SAFe Scrum Master courses are available in the course detail page. Please click on the course image above to find out more about the SAFe Scrum Master course.

What is the difference of Scrum training and Agile training?

Scrum is one of many agile frameworks. Agile is a mindset but Scrum is a specific way that we put the agile mindset to action on the team level. Scrum is a framework for small teams and includes various ceremonies such as Sprint Planning Meeting, Daily Scrum Meeting, the Backlog Refinement Meeting, The Sprint Review meeting, and the Sprint Retrospective meeting.

Agile can be applied to small teams or large enterprises as a whole. One of the ways that we bring agility to large enterprises is using the Scaled Agile Framework or SAFe. In the SAFe ScrumMaster training will learn how to run the Scrum Framework in a SAFe organisation.

Weekend Scrum Master Certification

We understand that many senior professionals prefer not to take time off from their busy schedule to attend Scrum training on weekdays. That’s why most of our agile and scrum certified courses are schedule on weekends. In addition to that all our instructors and coaches work full time in senior roles in large organisations. We believe a trainer who is disconnected from the industry cannot bring practical tips and real stories to the classroom. To learn more about the industry experience of our instructors please click on their names to view their LinkedIn profiles.