Refund and Exchange Policy

This refund/exchange policy applies to our public courses.

30 days prior to the course:
Full refund minus $150 processing fee

Between 14 and 30 days prior to the course:
Change of name (send another person in your place)
credit for another upcoming course minus $200 processing fee (no further refund or cancelation for the substitute course)

14 days or less from the start of the course:
change of name (send another person in your place)
no refund or credit.

Course dates are subject to change:
We reserve the right to cancel the course or change dates by providing 3 days notice. If you are unable to attend the new dates of a rescheduled class, Sprint Agile will be committed to transfer you to one of our classes on an alternative date that works for you. If an agreement cannot be reached full refund can be requested by the customers.

If you have not directly registered for this class and have moved your dates to attend this class there will be an extra $200 processing fee if you request a refund.

Discount coupons:
Discount coupons can only be used by having prior approval from the Sprint Agile team. Only one discount voucher can be used at any given time.